White House Fountain – Nalchik


Nation: Nalchik, Russia
Year: 2013


Bieli Dom is the main governmental office in the city of Nalchik, capital of the autonomous Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. The musical fountain is composed of two tanks. The first one has a rectangular shape and it’s 80m long. It goes along the main boulevard of the Ploshchad Soglasiya Park and rejoins the second round fountain, the real heart of the musical show.

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  • For this fountain we used 8 “arch” effects, 8 “fan” effects, 1 ring with 8 “Catherine wheel” effects, 8 compressed air “duckbill” shaped jets, 1 ring with 8 “twist” effects, 16 pneumatic “tsunami” jets, 1 ring of divergent “rapid fire” jet, 1 ring with “jellyfish” shaped jets, 8 side “fir” jets, 1 central “fir” jet, 3 lines with “linear rapid fire” jets, each line is 50 m long.


  • 716 lights at 300 W each

Power supply

  • 22 centrifugal monoblock pumps – protection IP55, insulation class F with suited flow and hydraulic head
  • Maximum power consumption: 570 KW