Government building – Baku


Nation: Baku, Azerbaijan
Year: 2008


Baku, boomtown on the Caspian Sea and capital of Azerbaijan, will be the next city of the European Olympic Games in 2015. Thousands of people will be able to admire the “Seven Beauties Fountain” placed in one of the most important squares of the city, right in front of the Government building. The huge space given to this fountain is a clear sign of its magnificent. It is composed, in fact, of 7 tanks, 6 of them are medium-sized and the main one is 55 meters wide.

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  • In the main fountain we used 2 rings of divergent jets, a manifold with 32 “rat-tail” shaped jets, 8 “fan” effects placed in circle, 90 pneumatic “tsunami” jets which get to 20 meters in height and more, 8 “Catherine wheel” jets, 1 ring of divergent “rapid fire” jets, 1 “jelly fish” shaped jet, 16 “arch” effects and 8 “twist” jets
  • 54 flame torches were installed in order to increase the majesty of the choreography
  • In the smaller tanks there are 3 “fir” jets, 18 rings of convergent jets and 12 geyser jets


  • 1468 lights at 300 watt each

Power supply

  • 110 centrifugal monoblock pumps –protection IP55, insulation class F with suited flow and hydraulic head
  • Maximum power consumption: 275 KW