Fountain Kurortny Boulevard – Kislovodsk


Nation: Italia
Year: 2016


The city of Kislovodsk is located on the northern slopes of the mountains Caucasi, and it is a small town famous for its mineral waters and its beautiful surrounding countryside. To entertain tourists that since the early 19th century are attracted to this peaceful town, it has been built a dancing fountain in the center of Kurortny Boulevard.

The fountain has a circular shape and is has two levels of water. During the day it is static, with a central jet and a row of circular jets of 2 meters high. In the evening, however, the show comes alive with color and music.

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  • It is composed of 8 “Duckbill” shaped nozzles, 8 “Twist” jets, 8 “Catherine wheel” jets and a central “Fir” jet. Furthermore, there is an elegant waterfeature called “Jellyfish” and a “Rapidfire” ring.


  • 84 RGB LED lights at 47 W

Water supply

  • 10 centrifugal monoblock pumps –protection IP55, insulation class F with suited flow and hydraulic head
  • Power consumption: 70 KW