The Flame – Koroglu Metro- Baku


Nation: Baku, Azerbaijan
Year: 2011


The musical fountain “The Flame” was inaugurated in 2011 in honor of the birthday of the historical president Heydar Aliyev. It is placed at the exit of the Koroglu subway and a 35 m wide triangular tank shows its magnificence. The symbol of Baku, the flame, stands in the middle of the tank. It is made of a stainless steel framework with RGB LED bars which are set in it and enhance its winding shape. Lights and water come together and create a unique and fascinating show.

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  • The choreography is made up of 12 “bazooka” central jets which reach 20 m in height, 96 “jellyfish” shaped jets and 96 “rapid fire” jets which form three concentric clusters and at the centre there are 3 “fir” jets, each one of them is 15 m high
  • 18 pneumatic “duckbill” shaped nozzles, 90 “tsunami” jets and 54 flame torches crown the show


  • 522 lights at 300 W each
  • 306 lights at 600 W each

Power supply

  • 28 centrifugal monoblock pumps – protection IP55, insulation class F with suited flow and hydraulic head
  • Maximum power consumption: 400 KW