Milan – Expo 2015 Children Park


Nation: Italia
Year: 2015


The Children Park EXPO 2015 is an area of ​​play and interaction for children curated by Sabina Cantarelli and developed by the team of Reggio Children and built by Petas srl, which is divided into interactive experiences. In cooperation with Petas we manufactured two areas: for Exhibit 6 we created a playground with 25 bicycles connected to sensors that with the energy of pedaling, activates water jets. For Exhibit 7 instead, we created a compressed air system that launchs children’s messages enclosed in the plastic beads and collected in a basin of water.

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  • Exhibit 6: each jet reaches a maximum height of 2 meters, but this height varies according to the energy of the pedaling.


  • Exhibit 6: 25 underwater lights 36 Watt RGB.
  • Exhibit 7: RGB LED strip that runs along the internal profile of the tank.

Power supply

  • Exhibit 6: it’s been used 5 stainless steel submersible pumps that feed water games in groups of 5.
  • Maximum power consumption 15 kw.

For more information about the project visit the website: EXPO 2015 Children Park