The boat- Cattolica


Category: Static Fountains
Nation: Cattolica, Italia
Year: 2004


This work, known as “Bragotto Boat”, needed a considerable commitment to the building of the stainless steel framing. The shape of a boat creates a scenographic effect and the manifolds with full jets give the idea of unfurled sails. Still today this fountain is one of the most fascinating ones of the city of Cattolica.

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  • 4 stainless steel manifolds with full jets were installed in order to form the side of the boat, whereas for the sails 2 manifolds with 84 nozzles each were used.


  • 22 warm white lights at 300 W

Power supply

  • 2 centrifugal monoblock pumps –protection IP55– insulation class: F with suited flow and hydraulic head