Azneft Square- Baku


Nation: Baku, Azerbaijan
Year: 2006


This is a dancing fountain placed on two different levels close by Azneft square in the heart of Baku. It is both a fixed fountain, with geyser jets on different levels, and a dancing fountain with water and fire and, on particular occasions, thanks to the water screen it also has projections and laser shows.

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  • For the fixed fountain 19 geyser jets are used, while the dancing show uses interesting and funny jets which create impressive effects. In particular: 2 “fan” shaped effects, 4 “waving hedge” effects, 10 “lateral arch” effects, 10 “twist” effects, 5 “ tiered-cake” effects, 5 “arrow” effects, 2 “Catherine wheel” effects, 1 water screen and 6 flame torches
  • Laser system
  • Smoke machines


  • 34 submersible RGB lights at 300 W
  • 19 submersible white lights at 300 W

Power supply

  • 18 centrifugal monoblock pumps were installed for the working of the water features– protection IP55, insulation class F with suited flow and hydraulic head.
  • Maximum power consumption: 150 KW