Agfontan – White fountain of the Museum Center


Nation: Baku, Azerbaijan
Year: 2015


The waterfront area of the “Museum Center” of Baku, seat of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is a landmark from where you can admire the show of the White Fountain, which beats the time with music and white lights. Occasionally there is also a RGB light show with the colors of the Azeri flag.

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  • In order to give a winding shape to the fountain we used 13 arch manifolds with copper and brass divergent nozzles.
  • The main jet reaches 20 m in height, while the 4 jets at the centre of the rings are 15 m high.


  • 194 submersible white lights at 300 W each
  • 82 submersible RGB lights at 300 W each.

Power Supply

  • For the waterworks we needed 23 centrifugal monoblock pumps, protection IP55, insulation class F with suited flow and hydraulic head.
  • Maximum power consumption: 227 KW