Wind control

An important problem that occurs inevitably when the heights of the water nozzles in proportion to the pool are such as to cause the release of water spill.  Under these conditions the only solution is to stop the systems.
To fully automate this procedure, you must install a special wind control device that communicates with the electric control panel of the plant itself.

Stainless steel construction designed for installation on pole or wall. We recommend placing the sensor in a location as close as possible to the pool containing the water features at a height of at least 3 meters above the ground. This sensor must be connected to the applicable control module inside the control cabinet by means of an electric cable 3×1 sqmmtrs. Section. This module allows you to set the threshold wind speed beyond which the installation should be stopped. You can set different levels of intervention for more pumps present in the plant, thus allowing the gradual shutdown of plants with increasing wind speed.

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Wind Control