Water graphic curtain

Water graphic curtain able to reproduce pattern like logos, text and images of any format or size, by the fall of water jets.

Ideal for business promotion during exhibitions and events or even for permanent installations.
The minimum height required for an adequate representation of pattern is 4 meters, while the width of the Water graphic curtain has no limitations.
40/ 48 nozzles/meter- Use of anti-corrosion ad long lasting materials as stailess steel and brass- Easy installation and maintenance- Control via PC with software installed
– Software able to reproduce up to 12 images of any size or format (RGB, W/B, jpeg, tiff, bmp, gif, tga, png…) in a loop sequence. Easy speed adjustment
– Ability to play TEXT via SMS receiver device (on request)
– Anti-splash grid to minimize noise and water splash (upon request)
– RGB led lights
– Segments minimum standard 0,31m and ability to have an unlimited number of segments.
– Can also be used as a background for video projections (rear projection)