Laminar flow

Extraordinary and fascinating: therefore it can be described this jet whose aspect is of one nearly absolute perfection. Therefore transparent and I polish from it is made to cross from the light for all its length, absolutely silent, does not produce the minimal spray when it falls back in the water. These are its main qualities and for which its employment particularly is indicated in inner atmospheres.

The characteristics of throw and height in the table refer to a temperature of 20°C. Changes in temperature above 5°C causes a significant change in these values, ie, how much lower the temperature is better will be the performance. The jet is supplied complete with pedestal and goniometer that allows the tilt from horizontal to vertical. The eyelets in the pedestal allows adjustment of the direction of jet of ± 4°. On request can be realized other formats as necessary.

ATTENTION for a smooth functioning, you must insert a prefilter at least of 150 mesh in series with the feeding pipe of the jet.